All You Need to Know About Kapha, Vata and Pitta

Balancing the Doshas

Every individual has strengths and weaknesses. The Doshas can help us understand these better and identify and correct any imbalances so that a state of physical and mental well-being is intact. Here are a few ways to fix each Dosha imbalance:
  • Kapha – A Kapha imbalance occurs typically due to excessive food intake, and thus, a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can help while intake of fatty foods needs to be cut down. It is also recommended to stay active and take part in physical activities. 
  • Vata – As Vata imbalance often results in anxiety and depression, it can be managed well by engaging in peaceful activities such as yoga and meditation, being surrounded by nature, getting enough sleep and spending more time in stress-free environments.
  • Pitta – Since Pitta imbalance results due to excessive fire or heat, it can be managed well by avoiding very hot or spicy foods and increasing intake of fresh dairy products and sweet foods. Warm weather could be avoided also, and the focus should be on staying calm and relaxed.