A Guide to Your Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

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Surely, you will want your wedding to be as unique and special as your love story. For many couples, this means foregoing conventional wedding plans and opting for a destination wedding. Having a destination wedding in Costa Rica offers a splendid opportunity to indulge you in the exotic and luxurious locale. You can even choose to make your wedding an intimate affair with only the closest of family and friends.

Why Choose A Wedding In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica boasts of over 1,300 miles if remarkable and varied coastline. Best wedding venues in Costa Rica have a diverse and beautiful landscape. It features volcanoes, beaches, mountains, lush rainforests, tropical gardens, hot springs, mangroves, plains, lakes, and rivers. Couple this natural beauty with a warm climate and even friendlier locals, and you get a dream destination for your wedding. 

Imagine using this beautiful country as a backdrop for your wedding! Costa Rica promises not only scenic nature but also some unique, fun, and adventurous activities for you and your guests.

Which Is The Best Season To Plan A Destination Wedding In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is well-known for its tropical and warm climate. The temperatures average between 80 to 85 degrees. You will also enjoy the cool ocean breeze that keeps the heat at bay. The night temperatures average between 60 and 70 degrees and are ideal for outdoor dining, admiring the sunset, and exploring some Costa Rican nocturnal adventures.

Unlike other tropical destinations, Costa Rica is free from hurricanes. The country is located along the Pacific Coast and lies below the hurricane belt. It is also protected from the Caribbean storms. The months of September and October do not witness any rain and the days are usually warm and sunny. There may be occasional thunderstorms or afternoon showers during these months.

May through August is the transition season with mostly sunny days and refreshing afternoon showers. December to April months is dry with little chance of rain. Drier climate attracts many beach weddings. But you can even consider getting married during the green or rainy season. 

The abundance of rain brings the rainforest and its inhabitants to life. Tropical flowers burst with bright colors. If you need fresh flowers make sure you choose same day flower delivery service. The native wildlife becomes active since food is abundant. Your wedding festivities will also benefit from fewer crowds, the cooler temperature, and better rates.

Marriage Requirements

With a Costa Rican destination wedding, the legal requirements become quite simple. You will not need any civil or birth status certificate, blood tests, or a minimum stay.

So, What Is It That You Need?

You will have to furnish some essential details like passport number, profession, passport copies, and mailing address at least a month before the wedding. Costa Rican law also mandates a sworn statement attesting your date and place f birth, civil status, and your parent’s names. Also, if you are planning to get married outside a Catholic Church, then you will need a lawyer. Your lawyer will furnish all the legal documents with the Costa Rican civil registry and your country’s embassy.

This ensures that your marriage is legal in your home country, as well. You may expect to receive these documents processed and returned in about three months from the date of your wedding. You can even have these documents rushed for an additional fee. Remember to take on your friend s for your wedding! This is because Costa Rican law mandates two witnesses who are apart from your family.

How to Make Your Costa Rican Wedding Fun

With Costa Rica, there is no shortage of fun things to do. Irrespective of whether your guests are seeking total relaxation or geared up for an adventure, there is something for all. Best wedding venues in Costa Rica boasts of pristine beaches, national parks, and preserves that are loaded with activities for all age groups.

Enjoy surfing or relaxing on the beaches. If you don’t wish to get sand between your toes, try rainforest tours. They take you into a fantastic journey filled with many wonders of nature. Listen to the wild sounds of the jingle and get ready to be visited by curious wildlife.

Visit some amazing waterfalls and plantations or snorkel with your loved ones on a beautiful island. Try whitewater rafting, mountain biking, jet skiing, and ATV tours that bring out the adventurous spirit in you. Go zip-lining through the forest canopy and scuba diving as well. You can even explore the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica with horseback riding tours.

Consider booking a small excursion to your guests as a thank you note. These fun indulgences will help you, and your guests carry memories for a lifetime.

Marriage is one of the memorable moments in everyone’s life. Planning this special moment in Costa Rica is an excellent way to add life to the wedding festivities and make your day extra special.


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