A Guide to Reopening Your Business After Lockdown

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Stick to social distancing

Let’s face the truth: social distancing is now the new normal. There’s no escape from it as long as something concrete to fight the virus comes out. If you are planning to restart your business, you need to look at the layout of your office space and the percentage of your workforce that will come to the office. If you are mostly relying on virtual workers, then it would be a good idea to space out seating areas in your office so that people can follow social distancing norms. Equip your office space with hand sanitiser and other products to keep it clean and safe for employees.

Cut down your costs

Many businesses had to close down permanently because their revenue stream was completely disrupted due to the lockdown. Consider yourself lucky if you are staying afloat and able to reopen your business. The pandemic certainly had major financial lessons for businesses to learn. It clearly taught that contingencies come without invitation and we need to be prepared at all times. To cope with your cash crunch, you need to think of some cost-cutting strategies. Start operating virtually (if your business model allows) to save on rent or get in touch with specialised outsourcing agencies to perform specific tasks and save on recruitment costs. Do all it takes to manage your expenses well and to maintain your liquidity during these tough times.

Keep your customers in the loop

Stay in regular touch with your customers because they are the ones who are ultimately keeping you in the game. The lockdown may have brought about a gap between you both but as you reopen, you need to pace up. You need to keep your existing customers up-to-date about your reopening days and reassure them that you will do your best to maintain the quality of your offerings. Give them the guarantee that you are following safety protocols properly to ensure their health and well-being. Consider running an email marketing campaign or social media campaign to reconnect with your customers and reach out to new ones.