7 Ways to Talk To Your Kids About Body Safety and Consent

Here are given the 7 ways with which you can talk to your kids about body safety and their consent to touch;

1. Discuss being safe and unsafe

Children will discover it difficult to tell between the two. It is crucial that they know what it is like to feel’ uncomfortable,’ so if they would ever feel like that they can immediately speak to you or a confident individual. Explain our body is incredible, and they should always let you know when it feels ‘unsafe.’ For instance, we might feel ill or our heart beats very quickly. Tell your kids that are the early alert symbols. Reiterate that they need to inform a trusted parent directly if they have any early warning indications.

2. Choosing Trusted Adults

Help your kid choose between 3 and 5 confident adults and it is thought they can say anything to. Their safety network includes these individuals. They should not be a part of your family and your kid should access them easily.

3. Explaining Body Limits

Explain that everybody has a bodily limit for everyone and no one should cross that. There is an unseen space just around your body. Without stating it’s alright, nobody should come into their bodily border (consent). If they want, your baby is entitled to tell’ no’ to kisses and hugs. Instead, they can always offer a flying kiss or gives hi-five. Teach your kid also to respect the bodily limits of another person and to ask for permission before joining it. This implies, for instance, that they have to ask for authorization if they want to carry another child’s hand. And if that kid tells “no,” they have to fulfill and acknowledge the desires of that kid. Explain also that approval can be withdrawn anytime just as an individual can say “yes” to hand-holding or hugging.