7 Style tricks that make men look more attractive

The art of looking good is essential. In the 21st century, fashion and style are the most important things to attract the attention of the opposite sex. An excellent first impression will help you create the right impact. 

In the age of constant social media exposure, we need to look our best at all times. It may seem a bit of an effort but believe us, looking your sharpest best is rather easy.

Be it at work or meeting someone in your personal life, your style will speak volumes about you. All women find a well dressed and well-groomed man attractive. 

If you think style is all about following fashion trends and be on-trend every time, you are making a mistake. Style is more about wearing what suits you best and being comfortable in your skin. It is also more to do with how you carry yourself. 

Women are very keen observers. So you need to pay attention to small details when it comes to dressing up for them. The minor things are what will make you look more attractive and primmed. 

Here are 7 style tricks that will make you look more attractive to the people around you-

1). Wear well-fitted clothes-

It is a crucial aspect of dressing up nicely. Men often ignore to pay attention to the fit of their clothes. If you have never given any thoughts about the fit of your clothes, it is high time you start doing it. No matter what you wear, it should be in the right fit neither to tight nor too loose. Body-hugging t-shirts or very baggy ones only seem repulsive. Your trousers and jeans also shouldn’t be tight. Whatever you wear should fit you comfortably enough and accentuate the best parts of your body.

2) Always match your belt and shoes- 

The basic rule of styling for men is to match your belt and shoe. It may be wise to co-ordinate them while buying so that you never have to be mismatched. You can also try to match your watch strap with them for an overall neat look. It gives the impression that you know your style game and have a keen sense of fashion. One more rule that you should follow while dressing up is to align your tie, belt buckle and the zip of your trousers. Centering everything will undoubtedly help you win some brownie points for neatness. 

3) Do not follow fashion trends blindly-

You need not follow fashion trends blindly. While it is essential to stay on-trend, you should know what suits you the best and stick to it. Do remember that fashion trends are temporary, but your style stays with you. Also, you should always remember to dress according to your age. Nothing seems unattractive for women than a man trying hard to look younger than his actual age. Women would see through your act. 

4) Do not go overboard with accessories-

There is a thin line between classy and flashy. You should take care never to cross that line. Though accessories have been an essential part of men’s wardrobe, you should never go overboard with it. Simple accessories like a classy watch or men bead bracelets can bring your whole look together. You can even opt for a simple pendant or a ring. Never opt for anything cheap, though. While some women may not like gold on men, silver is your best bet. Do remember to add just two accessories to your look and not more. 

5) Crisp clothes are a must-

No matter what you wear, make sure that the clothes and washed, stain-free and ironed crisply. You should give special attention to the cuffs and collars of your shirts. Any bends or creases look extremely unattractive. Even your t-shirts should be crease-free. Make sure to mend any cuts or holes in your clothes. If the damage is irreparable or in a large visible area, it may be wise to replace the clothing. The life of your clothes will largely depend on how you maintain them. Washing them and folding them properly will ensure that they look new. 

6) Own the right pair of shoes-

Though men may not be hoarders for shoes, it is essential to own more than a few. Formal shoes in black and brown may be enough for all your office needs. But you may need to stack up on some casual shoes as well. Having more than a couple of pairs of moccasins or loafers can add to your whole casual look. You should also invest in some functional gym shoes for your workout sessions. Do remember to own some cute socks as well. The basic rule to wear them is to match them with the color of your trousers. Also, do ensure that the socks are clean, odor-free and without holes.

7) Lastly, work on yourself-

All the above styling tricks will not work if you do not work on yourself. You should exude charm and confidence at all times. These are the main qualities that will help you attract the attention of others, especially women. Your posture is also essential when it comes to how you look. A good attitude will make you seem confident and attractive. Also, maintaining yourself by going to the gym is equally important. Having a gut or flab around the arms is a sign of a lazy person, something that you do not want to put across to the ladies. 


The above pointers will help up your style game. In addition to these, you need to remember to be properly groomed at all times. Importance to personal hygiene is the utmost. You should always make it a point to smell nice and look neat. However, your true personality will reflect in the way you behave. Your style is not the only thing that will help you attract women. Nothing is more attractive to the opposite sex than a kind and caring man. No woman can ignore a well dressed, musky-smelling and a chivalrous man. So be the man that every woman dreams of!!!