7 Smart Improvements for the Bathroom Remodel that You Are Planning

A bathroom that is renovated is responsible for adding value to the home, updates the style, and also makes it easier to adapt to the current needs that you have. A bathroom renovation is considered to be the perfect time for introducing those improvements, which are going to serve the needs of both your family as well as you for many more years before planning another remodeling. If you have already decided to spend a certain amount of money for remodeling the bathroom this year, you need to make certain essential changes for improving the storage, comfort, as well as the functionality of the bathroom. According to www.houzz.com, 10% of the homeowners spent more than $15000 for renovating their homes.

Consider the following crucial changes that will take care of all the above-mentioned things.

Low floor and hidden tank toilets

A hidden tank toilet is known for the numerous benefits that it provides. If you are planning to replace your toilet in the bathroom, it is strongly suggested that you choose the hidden tank toilets. Hidden tank toilets are responsible for saving a lot of space and the low floor toilets help in saving a lot of water whenever you are flushing. It is considered to be one of the smartest choices, which helps in increasing your bathroom’s value after you have remodeled it completely. Most people think if a hidden tank toilet is going to be appropriate for the kind of bathroom that they have. The good news is that these toilets are perfect for all the styles of bathrooms but they are known to fit the best in the contemporary or modern decors.

Small and textured tiles on your shower floor

It is crucial to consider safety first when you are choosing the tiles of the shower floor. Ensure that you are choosing a small as well as textured tile for your shower floor. The grouting and the texture will be responsible for preventing you from slipping and falling even if your floor is getting wet and soapy. Most of the modern tiles of a bathroom can be cleaned easily and they are capable of resisting humidity, stains, and mold. Tiles are going to provide various style possibilities. You have the option of mixing and matching different colors as well as patterns in order to get the best visual impact. You can also concentrate on something understated in order to get harmonious looks.

2-inch plumbing

This is one of the smallest and invisible improvements, which is known to make a huge difference in your bathrooms functionality. The typical plumbing of the bathrooms is normally 1.5 inches. This plumbing can cause clogs especially because of the numerous family members using the bathroom time and again. If you install the drains of 2-inch instead of the 1.5-inch ones, no such problem is going to happen. You do not have to worry about the cost because both of them have the same price. The only difference is that the two-inch plumbing will be responsible for improving the entire quality of the drainage within the bathroom.

Installing bathtubs only if you take a regular bath

It has been observed that numerous people add bathtubs to the bathrooms because they have the feeling that their bathroom will look better if they do so. However, your bathtub is not going to be a necessity if you do not take regular baths. Installing a bathtub because of no specific reason can be responsible for occupying a lot of extra space, which could have been used for something else. Also, it is useless to spend so much money when a particular thing is not required at all. If you are someone, who loves taking bath regularly, a bathtub should definitely be included in the remodel. However, getting a huge shower is also not a bad idea. If your bathroom is huge, you can definitely get both of them without worrying about the space. However, if you are required to choose between the two, it is a good idea to opt for the one that is more functional. You can opt for the services of the professionals for Bathroom Remodeling Long Island.

Window in your shower

A big enemy of the perfect bathroom is humidity, which prefers staying trapped because of insufficient and bad ventilation. It is true that a bathroom fan is capable of making a huge difference, but you cannot deny that the perfect ventilation is always going to be natural ventilation. This is why it is suggested to add a window so that the bathroom remains clean and free from mildew and mold. Ventilation is extremely effective especially if you consider leaving the door of your bathroom open after you have used it. You need to discuss the ideal kind of window with the contractor or architect and ensure that the sill is sloped downwards, which helps in preventing water from getting stuck. Also, use frosted glass in order to maintain privacy.

Recessed medicine cabinets

It is a great idea to increase the storage space in your bathroom by opting for the recessed medicine cabinets’ right above your vanity. If you decide to put it inside your wall, you will be able to save space and make the bathroom look sleek and modern. The job of wall framing is also not going to cost a lot when you are considering the renovation of the entire bathroom. A recessed medicine cabinet is considered to be extremely useful and you should definitely consider it when you are remodeling your bathroom.

Improving the lighting

The bathrooms look best when they have access to warm and natural light. This is why you should be planning for beautiful lighting in your bathroom. When you are planning to remodel the bathroom, you have to consider adding or changing the current lighting for improving the mood as well as the functionality of the entire space that is available.


You need to understand that remodeling your bathroom should be capable of making it look more efficient than what it already was. It also has to be stylish and functional. Consider these important improvements when you are remodeling your bathroom.