7 Facts About Cannabis Drinks

In recent years, cannabis consumption has walked par boundaries of being restricted to the traditional pipes, joints, and the bong. A large range of products infused with cannabis has slowly emerged into the market that has turned heads. Starting from weed-laced coffee capsules, cannabis-infused lubes, cosmetic creams, etc, the list of cannabis-based products goes on and on. 

Research about various varieties such as Sativa Strain, Harlequin etc, is also opening up opportunities to understand better the value of cannabis as an active ingredient in various products. One such area is the drinks industry where marijuana is creating quite the stir. Cannabis infused drinks are starting to get to the market and here are 7 interesting facts about these amazing drinks.

Source: The Weed Scene

1.The cannabis drink market projects up to $600 million worth by 2022: In spite of a straining relation with big tobacco and alcohol corporations, the cannabis drink market alone is expected to hit big billion in just a few years to come. The CBD boom in 2018 has left millennial yearning for the legalization of cultivating industrial hemp.  Such steps will grab the interest of more big corporations to emerge into the area of Cannabis drinks earlier than expected. This rise in the market is expected to reach $600 million by 2022. 

2. The drinks may contain THC, CBD or both:

Most of the companies are looking at infusing cannabis extracts as a whole to their drinks. Cannabis energy drink, Canna, Mirth Provisions etc, work with cannabis drinks that use high-quality buds to introduce the cannabis extracts in them. But companies such as Tarukino make 2 separate apple cider one with THC and other with CBD. THC-infused drinks are more common in areas where recreational and medical marijuana has been legalized. Due to a legal reason, cannabis-infused drinks cannot contain alcohol. Hence cannabis-infused wines, beers, tonics etc, usually contain terpenes or non-psychoactive components of cannabis rather than THC.

3. They are legal in a few states:

Legalization of cannabis use extends to cannabis-infused drinks as well. But this is possible only in states where infused edibles and drinks for recreational use are also legal. Although various companies are currently releasing exciting cannabis-infused products, these will get shelved in places other than dispensaries only following complete legalization. And till then you can always enjoy amazing drinks off the shelf from the dispensaries in legalized states.

Source: MarketWatch

4. There are both alcoholics as well as non-alcoholic cannabis-infused drinks:

With recent legalization, cannabis has grabbed interest from across the world. This has encouraged various companies to experiment with exciting new drinks infused with cannabis extracts. There is a wide variety of drinks ranging from soda like Canna Cola pop, Canna punch and shots, Cannabis quenchers, Legal sparkling tonics etc, that come in exciting fruit flavors with added cannabis extracts that are great drinks for social gatherings. On the other hand Hi-Fi hops, Two flowers, ONE tincture, etc, are beers and wines infused with cannabis. These are either non-alcoholic or infused only with terpenes. Brew Buds also has an exciting range of coffee pods and tea pods that offer a diverse range of cannabis drinks to choose from.

5. The taste does not get too deviated from the original flavors:

While there are various brands which are working towards creating exciting flavored cannabis-infused drinks, one of the most common concerns of users is what can they expect to it taste like. When we talk about fruity drinks infused with cannabis such as Dixie Elixirs the blasting flavors of berry, fruit punch etc, are a refreshing fruity flavor to enjoy with just a hint of earthy cannabis. Drinks such as root beer and a half and half also have authentic flavors uncorrupted by the infused THC. The THC is only a slight punchy addition to the drink that adds a slight herby touch to it.    

6. You can expect big players to enter the game soon:

The U.S market for marijuana is spreading fast with most states supporting legalization. Few states have also supported recreational use of marijuana which has encouraged big players such as coca cola to show interest towards cannabis-based drinks. They are currently in talks with Aurora cannabis to discuss a line of cannabis-infused drinks to their product range.  Like Steroid Canada, marijuana legalization has led to potential growth in the drink market. Molson Coors partnering with Quebec cannabis producer HEXO Corp is one such collaboration to look forward to that promises non-alcoholic weed beer to enjoy.

7. These drinks could become parallels to alcohol as a social lubricant:

Cannabis infused cocktail bars are already starting to make their way into mainstream social lives. Enchanting cocktail recipes with a vibrant rush of flavors are being experimented with and will become more common with expanding acceptance of the plant from various parts of the world. The lack of alcohol along with the psychoactive buzz that mildly hits could become a rage among the millennials. This is because millennial perceive cannabis to be a safer alternative to alcohol and healthier too.

The soaring interest towards various types-of-marijuana from across the world promises to create a worthy market for these amazing cannabis drinks that can be a healthy and fun way of enjoying the favorite plant.