7 Best Mind Games For Your Mobile Phone

3. Left v/s Right

Human Brain has two parts each. One part administers with emotions and the other with information. The mind game app – Left v/s Right lets your both sides of brain work and play at the same time. It has 49 games classified under six major categories, each offering a unique challenge for the player. For instance, you can calculate the amount you need to pay after dividing it with your friends by way of play! It lets you prosper your memory, analytical, critical, logical, decisional, and reasoning power. The subscription to this gaming app is free totally.  

4. Eidetic

The app tests the ability of a human who can remember the vividness and the displayed details of an image. It is a game for improving memory power. The game has three challenge levels. Memory challenge level has 98 levels in extension to 4 bonus eidetic challenge. Picture challenge level and Follow me Memory levels are the second phase. Survival challenge levels have 21 Eidetic tests with each of these having infinite levels. You can be amongst the very few extensive memory holders by playing this game. You need to pick something you want to remember. The app will hurdle you in doing the task. 

5. Math Workout

Math Workout Game will enlighten your mind for free. Most of the people hate mathematics. If you want to do maths without boring your brain play this game. The game has challenges in four fundamental aspects of maths that is Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. Also, the app is in multi-lingual capacity. It has English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Russian language availabilities. If you have some little spare time out of your busy schedule, you can play Math Workout Game. It helps the brain to strengthen its numerical capacity by increasing the accuracy level.