7 Best Mind Games For Your Mobile Phone

Your brain can train out of a lot of things. Just the thing matters are what resources you use for reaching the result. Mobile apps have developed so far in almost all dimensions. Mobile games are a good thing for time-passers. Well, some of these games are a lot more than mere time passing tool. You can play such games to convert your aimless and unproductive time into a training session of your brain. With some fun, some puzzles, some logic, you can give your mind a clue to be more active. There are a few mobile games available that can make your brain’ work mode on and let it be accurately precise. The exercises that these games offer are very explicit and well-balanced. They are capable of entertaining you as well as making your mind healthy at an equal note. Following is the summary of seven best mind games for your mobile phone. Install it as quickly as possible! 

1. Lumosity

The game app that you will find recommended on almost all the platforms is Lumosity. This game app focuses on honing your problem-solving skills, sharpening your memory, putting your overall thinking skills to test. It offers a daily workout game that you need to appear for exercising your brain rigorously. The games are enjoyable activities that don’t let your mind to stress a much. You can 40 challenges for free with its statistics, and then it follows a premium plan to give you access to all the games. Lumosity is much more than excitement, fun, and enjoyment. Start Playing Now! 

2. Peak

Another worthy game app is named Peak on the app stores. It is well-designed with more than forty featured games that are not only games bout also mind boosters. The challenges in the game are carefully designed by the team of neuroscientists to make it seamlessly useful for brain development. It gives insights about the user’s brain in a nutshell and says where the user excels actually. It has creative games within like creating words from the displayed letters and many more. It shows the rewards earned by the user and motivates the mind to perform better the next time!