7 Amazing Facts About Magic Mushrooms

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Over the last decade, the popularity of magic or psychedelic mushrooms has skyrocketed. Most users consider them safe alternatives to standard treatments due to their many health benefits. You can buy psychedelic mushrooms for improved mental health, and enhanced creativity. 

However, the full benefits of magic mushrooms have not been realized due to the strict legal restrictions. This means that there’s a lot to learn about their effects on humans. From the potential so far identified, it’s worth studying more. 

So, what are these mind-bending facts about magic mushrooms that many people don’t know about?

Astonishing Facts About Magic Mushrooms

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1. Over 200 Magic Mushrooms Species Exist

There are many magic mushroom varieties. The mushrooms come with unique properties that influence their potency. However, the presence of psilocybin is the only thing common in all magic mushrooms. 

Most psilocybin mushrooms belong to the genus psilocybe which is the most famous variety of magic mushrooms. This category has more than 245 distinct species. Each of the species has a list of varieties, with psilocybe cubensis being the most popular. Other species of psilocybe that are mostly consumed are psilocybe semilanceata and psilocybe baeocystis. 

2. Humans Have Been Using Magic Mushrooms for Millennia

Although scientists have recently discovered the value of magic mushrooms, humans started exploring psilocybin mushrooms thousands of years ago. The rock paintings in Algeria show the important role that mushrooms played in rituals and ceremonies. Central America is also one of the places where early inhabitants frequently used psilocybin mushrooms. 

Magic mushrooms have had a huge impact in shaping humanity. It has held a central role in most parts of the world for spirituality purposes. The use of magic mushrooms has, however, faced suppression in the last century. 

But the relationship of magic mushrooms with humans is improving every day. Nations are beginning to realize the potential it has in unlocking innovation in humans. No doubt its use shall continue for thousands of years to come. 

3. Magic Mushrooms Enhance Communication Within the Brain

Ever wondered why magic mushrooms are said to inspire creativity? Psilocybin compounds in magic mushrooms hyperconnect to your brain. According to research, communication is enhanced when the brain is hyperconnected. This boosts communication within the brain and with various parts of the body. 

The researchers found out that psilocybin connects areas of the brain that are normally unconnected. The connections are organized and only return to normal once the chemicals fade.

How the psilocybin actually works is not well understood. But scientists believe that it binds with receptors in the brain in a similar way to serotonin. As a result, it can alter sleep, appetite, and mood. This gives users a changed perspective and relaxation that’s good for conditions like depression. 

4. Magic Mushrooms Might Have Inspired Santa Claus

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To many kids, Christmas without Santa is not Christmas. The story of the legendary Santa Claus moving around earth giving out Christmas presents is just as popular as the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. But where did this idea come from?

Many theories explain where the idea of Santa Claus started. One fascinating theory establishes a link between Santa and the amanita muscaria magic mushroom. 

It is claimed that a historical Siberian shaman evolved to become the modern-day Santa Claus. Santa’s counterpart is believed to have consumed Amanita muscaria to communicate with the spiritual realm. 

The fact that Shamans lived in the far north is a possible explanation of why Santa is said to live in the polar regions. Besides, amanita muscaria’s cap is dotted with distinct red and white spots that give it the festive look. Just like Santa’s uniform!

5. Magic Mushrooms Can Permanently Improve Your Personality 

Everyone has a unique personality. It defines how we interact with other people and the environment. Personality is developed over a long period of time through life experiences and can be hard to change. Surprisingly, magic mushrooms can help in changing your behavior in adulthood. A study on the effects of shrooms on personality shows that it enables users to be open to new experiences and ideas thus influencing their personality.

6. Magic Mushrooms Have Amazing Health Benefits

Studies show that the psilocybin and psilocin compounds contained in magic mushrooms are effective in treating various health conditions. They are incredible alternatives to standard therapies for mental health issues. This is because magic mushrooms do not cause addiction. The chemicals influence the brain’s response to negative stimuli. 

7. Magic Mushrooms Promote Growth of New Brain Cells

Brain studies show that psilocybin stimulates neurogenesis that is responsible for the growth and repair of brain cells. This happens in the hippocampus which is the brain’s center of memory and emotion. Neurogenesis is essential for brain homeostasis. Reduced neurogenesis in adults has been connected to increased risks of dementia, epilepsy, and depression. 


When you research the unknown facts about magic mushrooms, you’ll be blown away by these exceptional organisms. Despite the few studies so far, a lot has been discovered about shrooms. They come in several varieties and with the potential to treat hundreds of disorders.

These 7 mind-blowing facts are among the many reasons for their popularity in the recent past. More research and friendly-regulations on magic mushrooms will allow many people to improve the quality of their lives.