5 tips when choosing the correct skincare products

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Choosing the right skincare products can be an overwhelming process, given the countless variations available. But it’s worth taking the time and trouble to get it right, because the right product for you can help you address complexion, premature ageing problems and maintain a healthy skin.

skincare products

Know your skincare products type.

“Skincare products usually target at least one skin type, so knowing your skin type can make a visit to the beauty aisle less daunting,” says Lauren Campbell, fashion and beauty blogger of Fashionista CT Blog. Normal skin looks clean and smooth and is the least problematic. Dry skin feels flaky and can easily develop wrinkles. Oily skin usually looks greasy and shiny. Combination skin has patches of both oily and dry skin. Sensitive skin becomes inflamed and irritated easily.

Know what you hope to achieve.

You may be targeting a specific condition or looking to maintain a healthy radiant complexion. Reading the product label is very important. “People with younger skin want to maintain their skin’s elasticity and radiance, while a more mature skin usually needs special repair care and replenishment with power ingredients,” says Thomas van der Linde, of Siam Botanicals South Africa, a deluxe premium range of all-natural professional skin, body, bath and spa products.

Do your research.

Read opinions and reviews, and find out what ingredients are included in the products you’re interested in. “Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 stand out in terms of their benefits in maintaining skin texture and condition with ageing,” says Andrea du Plessis, expert nutritionist for Vital Health Foods.

Decide how much you’re willing to spend.

Prices vary greatly, and once you figure out your budget, this will help you focus on your options. “More expensive products may last longer as you use only a pea-sized amount,” says Van der Linde. The Siam Botanicals range is made from the finest nutrient rich natural and organic ingredients sourced worldwide, and stock a variety of products to suit every pocket and every age.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

If you can’t make up your mind, buy products in smaller quantities till you find one that works for you. “If you buy a product that lasts up to two months, that should give you enough time to start seeing results,” says Campbell. “Keep notes as you test them to help you decide.”