5 Food Packaging Trends You Should Know

Australians are getting meals from restaurants and takeout outlets than ever before. This makes the food service industry an appealing investment. The food service industry caters to the needs of busy individuals who can’t prepare own meals and people looking forward to a night out with loved ones, family, or friends. Restaurant owners have to keep up with emerging food packaging trends to make your brand stand out amidst the stiff competition. Check out these food packaging trends in the food service business. 

Packaging for food delivery

Today, food delivery isn’t limited to pizza and Chinese food. Growth in the use of smartphone apps is making customers order their favourite meals online. A few taps on their smartphones make them wait for their meals on their doorsteps. A restaurant owner should be prepared to deliver whatever a client orders regardless of whether it is pasts, salad, steak, or hamburger. Nothing should be off limit when delivering to customers.  This trend is anticipated to grow with lifestyle becoming faster paced. It is also being driven by the freelancing economy with more Australians working from home. Keeping up with this trend requires restaurant owners to prioritize packaging for takeout meals. Appropriate food packaging should allow customers to receive safe and hot meals. 

Biodegradable packaging

There is a growing need for restaurants to use sustainable food packaging to protect the environment. It is no wonder that millennials are more likely to support a restaurant using sustainable food packaging. This surge in consumer demand requires opting for biodegradable food packaging in Australia . Fortunately, a reputable supplier will have a range of packaging options made from plant-based materials. You have to purchase quality and biodegradable food packaging in options including:
  • Cup trays
  • Bio cutlery
  • Bio napkins
  • Bio plastic bags
  • Bio wall hot cups

Grab-and-go meals

Does your restaurant serve customers always on the go? You need appropriate packaging for grab-and-go meals. This makes it convenient for customers on the move. The fast-paced lifestyle leaves less time to spend eating meals from a restaurant. This explains the upsurge in the number of customers who prefer to take out their meals and drinks including coffee.