4 Strategic Realtor Postcard Ideas for Agents

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Real estate is a challenging industry to get into, and you will find that realtor postcards can make this far more accessible. When looking for strategic options that you can use to your advantage, you will find that you are a better agent. You will also find that you will further your career with innovative and helpful options. 

Stalled Funnel Realtor Postcards 

One of the best ways that stalled funnel realtor postcards can benefit you is to deliver a message of encouragement to buyers who may need a little nudge. To maximize the return of investment here, be sure to add helpful text about the days on the market for the houses in your particular area. It would be best if you showed that these postcards are good for them and trust you. As trust is vital, this is a crucial way to earn it.

Referral Solicitation Realtor Postcards 

A referral solicitation realtor postcard is a way to thank your clients for a referral. It can be a valuable way to communicate with your clients as a thank you for leading others to you. A postcard that you can use in this way will show the clients that you are a wonderfully personable agent who is friendly and cares for the people who help them. It is a great way to find dozens of new leads and gain a loyal customer base.

Fence Sitting Postcards 

Fence sitting postcards are precisely what they sound like, and they offer a relaxed yet sweet look at houses on the market. Sending this postcard to your clients offers them a glimpse into homes that they may not have thought about before.  As a result, you gain new clientele that might not have chosen you back. In addition to this, it shows that you can sell homes that others can’t, putting you into a new category of professionalism.