19 000 Mazda cars recalled in SA

Vehicle manufacturer Mazda has issued a recall of 19 000 vehicles in South Africa, the manufacturer’s local unit said on Monday.

The recall is due to safety concerns regarding airbags and forms part of the company’s global recall to cover a wider manufacturing period.

The recall was prompted by investigations in Japan and North America into three different types of Takata Corp manufactured airbags over concerns that airbag inflators were defective.

In July, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that new testing had prompted Takata Corp to declare 2.7 million airbag inflators installed in Ford, Nissan and Mazda vehicles defective.

The airbags have been linked so far to 17 deaths and more than 180 injuries globally.

It is expected that the recall will eventually cover around 125 million inflators.

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